Recently, I was reading about God’s faithfulness. We know that God has a perfect plan for us but when difficulties catch us off guard; the car breaks down, the kids get sick, we get bumped to a different shift at work, we get a traffic ticket… we often overlook that. We act like God wasn’t expecting it or must have been on vacation, and we kick into an, “I’ll fix it/Superman” mode. It’s called the “God Complex”.
While God does require that we do what we can, He also wants us to keep our lives in balance, go to His “How To Spiritually Handle This Situation Manual” (the Bible) and rely more heavily on Him. When we try to fix things our way (remember, we’ve already pushed faith aside because we all know that faith doesn’t work fast enough to please our flesh, right?) we start making concessions; poor health choices, poor money management choices, poor spiritual choices. And it just snowballs into this big mess. Soon, we aren’t sleeping well, we don’t eat right (we’ve started grabbing snacks because we’re in a hurry and now our bodies crave those snacks and they’ve become a habit), which causes us to gain weight, be more emotionally sensitive and we’re cranky or more easily depressed….which leads to more wrong choices…